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Why Loyalty Reward Programs are Important

Loyalty is everything and everyone loves being recognized for being loyal! That is why its important to reward those with your loyalty program. For a business to thrive and do well a few things are necessary; A great product, Excellent customer service and Customer Loyalty. Loyalty reward programs and mobile apps for small business help deepen relationships with your companies brand and your customers. For other ways small businesses are using mobile apps to grow their business, download our free ebook, 7 Mobile Trends Event Small Business Should Follow in 2017.

Customers join rewards programs because they want to save money and or earn rewards. Adding extra perks or small discounts will keep your loyal customers coming back. For example, mobile apps for restaurants` often offer a coupon, or a free slice of pizza after a certain number of visits. Its the first step of retention. Loyal customers will continue to shop, or eat, where they are given an incentive. If they had a choice between two markets but one offered them a little extra they will be more inclined to return there and possibly even spend more than intended because they are taking advantage of the cool perks.

Go ahead, throw away those old punch cards, loyalty perks can be managed through mobile apps. They can track and accrue points easily from their handheld devices. Customers join rewards programs because they want to save money and or earn rewards. While your customer feels appreciated you are building a connection Win Win!!

I’ve included some data highlighting the usage of reward programs. Check out the stats and share your thoughts.

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